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Aidan Ryan

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“We deliver quantity of the highest quality” describes exactly how Aidan Ryan does business. From a sales career that started with the Australian Football League (AFL) and a major telecommunications provider in Melbourne, Aidan has learned his trade from the ground up. He has worked with market leaders in the areas of sport, telecommunications and energy sales in both Ireland and Australia.  Aidan is driven by sales results while at the same time his work in the sales field, assistant and regional sales manager gives him a unique insight into selling techniques and tailoring sales plans to suit company needs and requirements.

James Edinborough

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“people buy people’ this is something James Edinborough learned at a young age from his families background in retail sales. James started his sales career in retail management before changing direction to work in the service industry in the UK. After a number of years in the UK he returned to Ireland to work with a market leader in telecommunications sales where he progressed to the position of regional manager. He is motivated first and foremost by his relationship with his clients and his sales experience has taught him that strong intrapersonal skills are of major importance in a sales relationship between customer and client.