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If you want to increase your current sales performance or want a field sales presence of the highest standard you need to contact DSM ltd.

One to One Communication = Direct Sales

We have a track record of excellence in the areas of recruitment, training and management of field personnel / teams. DSM has developed a unique sales strategy that is built around the following areas:

• Recruitment

• Ongoing Training

• Coaching and Mentoring

• Monitoring and Reporting
This results in our sales teams succeeding to exceed all targets for our clients across a variety of market sectors. The key to DSM’s success in this area is our excellent staff retention rates and our initial and ongoing commitment to sales training, team motivation and personal development. We supply enthusiastic, experienced and reliable field sales teams to suit the needs of any business. DSM will provide your product or service with localized exposure. But most of all DSM
will ensure on target results of the highest quality and compliance.


What we do

• If you have a new or existing product through which you want to maximize your opportunities and minimize your risks you need to talk to us.

• We are more than just an outsourced direct field sales company, we are strategic sales partners and brand ambassadors to each of our clients. We ensure that each one of our people are trained to the highest standard not only to sell your product or service but to represent the values of your company.

• We remove the burden of setting up and managing a field sales operation and will build you a team of the highest quality to ensure that your product or service is represented to the highest standard.

• We are results driven in every sense. We aim to get the best results from our people, therefore giving the best results to our clients. Our best sales people become your best sales people.
• What makes DSM different is that we will deliver on target quantity of the highest quality. We care about the quality of each and every sale we give to our clients.

Meet the Team

The common denominator between Aidan and James is that they are highly motivated, passionate and committed to their clients’ needs. From their experiences to date you can rest assured that not alone is your business in safe hands but that they will secure the best results for your company.